About US

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Our company is built on the principles of developing and building projects that utilize advanced clean technology which can reduce the environmental impact of energy creation and use. We provide the business and technical expertise to solve complex commercialization problems of a wide array of project technologies.

Clean technology project development has been a central part of our team’s business for over 25 years. We have supported the development and EPC of solar, wind and traditional projects including;

  • Ivanpaugh 377MW solar thermal Plant
  • Tenaska 130MW CSOLAR South Solar PV Plant
  • Tenaska 150MW CSOLAR West Solar PV Plant
  • KRoad 250MW Nevada Solar Project
  • Confidential Grid Energy storage project in California
  • Confidential Solar + Energy Storage Project in California
  • Confidential Hybrid Gas + Energy Storage Project in California
  • Confidential Solar project M&A
  • Confidential Wind project M&A
  • Confidential Wind project repowering
  • Seabreeze HVDC transmission line project

Emerging technologies and projects are critical to a cleaner and more sustainable energy supply and demand are needed in this era of global warming and energy supply constraints.

CleanTech Energy integrates the talents of its team and network to deliver business and technical advice for early to late stage firms. Our skills include; management and technical advice, market analysis, financial analysis, and product development management.

CleanTech Energy, Inc. is a Delaware corporation.