Advisory Services

Clean Tech words in 3d letters surrounded by disruptive energy businesses such as electric, solar, wind, hydropower, biofuel and other renewable resources and natural power sources

CleanTech Energy is actively involved in all aspects of integrating new and proven clean technology into projects including:

Product Development includes a range of services including; product validation, technology due diligence

A few clean technologies advised include; Rute (Wind) Foundation, Keystone Tower Systems (Wind), Giner (Green hydrogen), Pi Energy (Advanced Solar),  South 8 Technologies (Advanced battery), Cuberg (Advanced battery), Terra-COH (CCUS, Geothermal) and over 75 other NSF and DOE funded companies.

CleanTech Energy integrates the talents of its team and network to deliver business and technical advice for early to late stage firms. Our skills include; management and technical advice, market analysis, financial analysis, and product development management.