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  • The 51st State: What?s Your Ideal Energy Market?
    Imagine a place where there is no electricity market. No rules, no policies, no market. A clean slate. This is what the Solar Energy Power Association (SEPA) calls the 51st State, a new initiative to get people to think outside the box when it comes to utility design and infrastructure.

  • A Tale of Two Booths: SPI Solar Event Marketing Hits and Misses, Part 1
    ?It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,? so Charles Dickens wrote, and the same might be said for Enphase and RECOM, two solar exhibitors that were across the aisle from each other at this year?s Solar Power International. I passed their booths several times, and every time I did, Enphase had almost wall-to-wall traffic, while RECOM?s

  • Trending Topics in Electricity Today: The Value of Demand Response
    After the D.C. Circuit Court?s invalidation of FERC Order 745, how can we pay for demand response? ?Demand response? happens when electricity customers change consumption patterns in response to the needs of the power grid. Electricity customers can provide a substantial amount of demand response to grid operators without a noticeable effect on the

  • New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fracking Moratorium ? And Clean Energy
    Last month, NRDC engaged a nationally recognized opinion research firm to conduct polling in New York State to evaluate public attitudes about fracking and clean energy. Importantly, this is the first statewide poll in at least two years ? and perhaps ever ? to directly ask residents their views of the now six-year-old de facto moratorium on fracking.

  • Turning Humble Seaweed to Biofuel
    The sea has long been a source of Norway?s riches, whether from cod, farmed salmon or oil. Now one researcher hopes to add seaweed to this list as he refines a way to produce ?biocrude? from common kelp.

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