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  • Top 10 Trends in Brazil Biofuels for 2014
    Brazil?s on the move on a number of fronts ? sales, diversification of products and feedstocks, and even in engine development. Let?s look at the Top 10 Trends.

  • Ukraine Seeks Renewable Energy Investors to Loosen Russia?s Grip
    Ukrainian officials say they?ve found a way to protect the nation from Russia: Go green.

  • 10 Charts that Reveal the Potential ROI for Solar Blogging
    I know I write a lot about how solar companies can blog effectively, but I still see few companies truly embracing blogging. Perhaps that?s because solar marketers want to show their CEOs some objective stats that show how blogging can be effective and not a waste of time and resources. And that?s where HubSpot, a popular inbound (content) marketin

  • Listen Up: What Legal Issues Do Solar Contractors Face?
    As in most industries, attorneys are an indispensable part of doing business. We have the usual host of "ordinary course of business" legal issues such as contracts, employment law, financing and M&A. But we also must comply with a blizzard of regulatory and incentives requirements ? as well as more specialized transaction issues related to solar leases and PPAs, warranties, insurance, licensing and manufacturing.

  • Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating Systems Proving Popular
    For some parts of the United States, such as Upper Michigan, the winter of 2013-14 was the coldest in recorded history. In Marquette, for example, the average temperature was a tundra-like 7.5 degrees. Well, what if I told you that it?s possible to cut your building?s energy use (in some cases by up to half), while protecting the environment, too?

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