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  • Researchers Developing Affordable Flow Battery Technology
    The wind and sun can produce great amounts of power, but it can usually only be harnessed when it?s windy and the sun is shining. Researchers at Grand Valley State University and Ann Arbor-based Vinazene are working to change that by creating a new type of flow battery technology that will allow the capture, collection and storage of energy through organic compounds.

  • Germany to Help Finance Chile?s First Solar-Thermal Power Plant
    Germany will provide funds to build Chile?s first solar-thermal power plant, a $1.2 billion project, as the Latin American nation expands its sources of renewable energy.

  • Illinois Solar Gets Closer to Game Time
    The Illinois solar market is marching ahead to an eventful 2015. Recent action on the Supplemental Procurement Plan means solar energy system owners should look for the Illinois SREC market to come to fruition very soon. Earlier this month, the Illinois Commerce Commission released a draft Proposed Order on the Illinois Power Agency?s (IPA) Supple

  • Listen Up: What Influences People to Install Rooftop Solar?
    Ahhh. The Holy Grail of Customer Acquisition. Maybe it's low price ... great company reputation ... special technology ... brand name products ... ubiquitous marketing? I've tried all of them and they all work, to a degree. But these tactics are not cheap, consistent or scalable.

  • Transforming the Grid with Clean Energy ? Reliably ? Every Day
    Despite years of successful experience, dozens of studies, and increasing utility support for clean energy, urban myth holds that electricity from renewable energy is unreliable. Yet over 75,000 megawatts (MW) of wind and solar power have been integrated, reliably, into the nation?s electric grid to date. That?s enough electricity to supply 17.9 million homes.

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